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Today here in this section, we are going to share the details of some rare and unique Sad Shayari. There are a couple of people who love to share their emotions or their feelings to the one whom they love.

Shayari images or sad Shayari pic:

एक इंसान मिला जो जीना सिखा गया
आंसुओं की नमी को पीना सिखा गया
कभी गुज़रती थी वीरानों में ज़िंदगी
वो शख्स वीरानों में महफ़िल सजा गया।😭😭

In case, if you are also looking for sad Shayari images or sad Shayari pic, then they all are suggested to choose the one from here and share them with your near and dear ones. For all those who are trying or are not able to express their emotions, then for them, these sad Hindi Shayari would be beneficial.

Sad Shayari in Hindi:

“मौत के नाम से… सुकून मिलने लगा…
जिंदगी ने… कम नही सताया हमको…!!

Many people fail to convey their feeling to others whenever they are sad. So, for all of them, we have enrolled a bunch of emotional Hindi sad Shayari. It’s evident that when people get hurt, or their sentiments get hurt by the near and dear ones, then they use Sad Hindi Shayari. Apart from this, one also prefers to share their emotions or thoughts through the help of sad Shayari pic or sad Shayari images.

Sad Shayari status |Sad Love Shayari

मेरी मौत के सबब आप बने
इस दिल के रब आप बने
पहले मिसाल थे वफ़ा की
जाने यूँ बेवफ़ा कब आप बने।💔 😢

In today’s era, every single individual is active on WhatsApp and Facebook, and they try to convey their emotions by putting sad Shayari status on their profile. Along with this, people also make use of a sad Shayari image as their profile picture. So, for them, below we have gathered a massive collection of Hindi Shayari sad.

Heat Warming Hindi Sad Shayari:

If the one who is close to your heart is upset from you or is angry with you and you are sad, and you are unable to tell them that how sad you are feeling or you want to apologize for that. Hence, we’ve here come up with a vast collection of heat warming Hindi sad Shayari. Thus, choose the one accordingly and share it with your loved ones.

Very Sad Shayari With Images:

People who want to let their soul mate know how much you love them, and you are not getting the proper words, and then carefully go through the latest collection of Very sad Shayari with images. One can easily copy these Shayari from here and can share with their loved ones.

तुमको समझाता हूँ इसलिए ए दोस्त
क्योंकि सबको ही आज़मा चुका हूँ मैं
कहीं तुमको भी पछताना ना पड़े यहाँ
कई हसीनों से 💔धोखा खा चुका हूँ मैं।

So these all were the collection of Shayari. We hope that the Shayari provided above was heart touching. If you all are pleased with the details provided above, then please do share this post with others.

रस्म-ए-मोहब्बत सिर्फ हमने निभाया है..

रस्म-ए-मोहब्बत सिर्फ हमने निभाया है..वो जब भी जाने को थे हमने बुलाया है..!!बदसूरत तो नहीं थी बद सिरत थी वो..दिल-ए-दरवेश में अब गमों का साया हैउल्फत का सिला उसने दिया था मुझे,हाँ, खूबसूरत चेहरे से एहतियात बताया है..!